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I want to make Random House/ Bertelsman - who claim to support, nay defend, the freedom of the press, etc. - aware of the sad fact that the ex-Spiegel reporter and  your subsidiary DTV [Deutsche Verlags Anstalt] author Malte Herwig & DTV threatened in 2010 the Austrian news service “” with a 60,000 Euro law suit if “nachrichten at” did not withdraw their published and commissioned Marie Colbin review of Herwig’s Handke biography MEISTER DER DAEMMERUNG. The poor buggers at “” at once submitted. Marie Colbin then turned to me who runs a complex of websites devoted to Handke’s work and you will find her review, a sound and thoughtful response to Herwig’s book, at the first of the three links above. As something of a Handke specialist I took the month of December off and produced a 30 K word analysis of Herwig’s work. {Link # 2}, and then published an open letter to “” [Link # 3]

Both Colbin and I were in an excellent position to write about Herwig’s book. Herwig as a matter of fact interviewed Colbin at length, and DTV used some of her photos for the book. Herwig in me found the editor he obviously did not have to produce the kind of complex biography that Handke deserves.

I want to register my disgust with Herwig and DTV’s cowardly and heinous act of suppression, and of course of “’s” spineless submissioon to the threat. 

Your church mouse in Seattle,

 Michael Roloff


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 "Chicquita abracas a todos"

re: MALTE HERWIG & DTV threatening "" with a 60 Euro lawsuit to withdraw Marie Colbin's review of his MEISTER DER DAEMMERUNG

Liebe/ dear Random House Bertelsmann Leut, lieber Bertelsmann Betriebsrat; 
 dear Dr. Gunter Thielen, Chairman; 
Andreas Grafemeyer; Markus Dohle(Chairman und Chief Executive Officer
Random House WorldwideRandom House Inc.) Núria Cabut (CEO, Random House Mondadori)Anne Davis(Executive Vice President & CFO, Random House Worldwide) Brad Martim (President & CEO, Random House of Canada Limited); Joerg Pfuhl (CEO & Chairman, Verlagsgruppe Random House)Gail Rebuck (Chairman & CEO, Random House UK Group; Frank Steinert  (Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Random House Worldwide); Prof. Dr. Jürgen Strube Vice Chairman; Honorary Chairman of the Supervisory Board, BASF SE, Ludwigshafen; Shareholder of the Bertelsmann Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH, Gütersloh; Dr. Wulf H. Bernotat former Chief Executive Officer of E.ON AG, Düsseldorf; Kai Brettmann Chairman of the RTL Group European Works Council and the Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland Corporate Works Council, Hamburg; Christa Gomez Chair of the Arvato Services works council and deputy chair of Bertelsmann’s Corporate Works Council, Gütersloh;Ian Hudson, Chairman of the Bertelsmann Management Representative Committee (BMRC); Dr. Karl-Ludwig Kley Chairman of the Executive Board of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt; Prof. Dr.-Ing. Joachim Milberg Chairman of the Supervisory Board, BMW AG, Munich; Dr. Brigitte Mohn Chairwoman of the German Stroke Foundation; Member of the Board of the Bertelsmann Stiftung; Shareholder of the Bertelsmann Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH, Gütersloh; Christoph Mohn,Chief Executive Officer of the Reinhard Mohn Foundation, managing director of Christoph Mohn Internet Holding GmbH and shareholder of Bertelsmann Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH, Gütersloh; 
Liz Mohn  Vice Chairwoman of the Executive Board Bertelsmann Stiftung and Chairwoman of the Board Bertelsmann Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH (BVG), Gütersloh; Erich Ruppik, Chairman of Bertelsmann AG Corporate Works Council, Gütersloh; Lars Rebien Sørensen President and Chief Executive Officer, Novo Nordisk A/S, Bagsvaerd; Hartmut Ostrowski,Director; Brigitte Mohn, Director;Christa Gomez,Director; Kai Brettmann,Director;Christoph Mohn, Director; Karl-Ludwig Kley, Director; Wulf Bernotat, Director; Lars Sorensen Director; Joachim Milberg, Vice Chairman; Juergen Strube, Director, Employee Representation; Ian Hudson,Director, Employee Representation; 

Gunter Thielen, Director,  Markus Dohle, Publisher Random House; Rolf Buch;Bernd Buchholz [RTL Group]; Gerhard Zeiler,CFO et al:


  1. Ho, hum. I bet DTV are quaking in their boots if you threaten them with a 60 Euro suit. That's 80 bucks...

  2. 60 K Euro it ought to have said, pardon
    Yet even that: how did they come up with that:
    they must have figured that "" would put up a fight and that the fight would generate that amount of publicity for the book? Only Malte and DTV. Or they thought that maybe poor "nachrichten" had that much? xx michael r.

  3. OK, thanks. still don't understand why you want to sue them... and what's this Prof. Colbin got to do with it... Who she?

  4. Malte Herwig, the author of the Handke biographi MEISER DER DAEMMEUNG, threatened to sue "" unless they removed their commissione Marie Colbin review from their site. Marie Colbin was Handke's lover for many years in the 80s in Berlin. Herwig interviewed her and DTV even used some of her photos in his book. She is a halfway famous and still attractive Austrian actress. My guess is that Herwig';s lawyers set the sum, since I think this was a publicity stunt that went wrong - except for my using it to critique Herwig and his shoddy book.
    Do you need a pair of reading glasses? xx m.r

  5. well, i don't see how her being an attractive ex-lover makes her an objective judge, but anyhow, you got me hooked. I'll see if i can get hold of a copy of Herwig's book here in london. didn't he study at oxford (or so it says on his website!

  6. so you read german? read her review , i have posted the link as part of my letter.
    the herwig is useful to the extent that it rummages around the handke archives which
    the respectie austrian and german literature archived bought for a total of i think 1 million euro!
    and that as an ex spiegel reporter he is a good gumshoe and so found some other stuff
    at handke's real father's place in thuringia and interviewed a bunch of people.
    as far as i am concerned, handke comes out looking as an even more impossible human being.
    the book and herwig's great fault is that he has no response to the work etc.
    i wrote a 30 k review of it last december. and it is posted at:

    i am not the only one who thinks Marie C. is right on. she too is impossible but she is bright and right on in her review. we are all totally impossible!


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