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  1. and a brief exchange with roger downey of the seattle weekly on the same and related subjects...

    Roger first of all comments on my letter to Steve Pearson + I then reply.


    I stopped reading your emails to me after the the wone containing the dirty joke in German, but the fact that you included me in this latest suicidal mass-mailing is too much.. If you choose to burn your bridges over and over, it's your business, but for pity's sake don't make me an unwilling accessory after the fact. I am not asking, I am telling you to remove my name from your contact list or I promise you I will do everything I can to make you persona non grata for any email host you use. Stop it. Now.

    Roger Downey
    Senior editor
    Seattle Weekly
    1008 Western Avenue, #300
    Seattle, WA 98104-1006

    p: 206-623-0500
    f: 206-467-4377


    will gladly oblige your wishes and those of toute le monde that wish not have e-mails from me. But I must say that my e-mail services are of course all atither at your threats! If there's one thing this old special forces chap is allergic to it is threats!

    When was it that we last had a substantial exchange of emails, it must be about a year ago when you took the trouble to convert your Handke piece back into electronic form for my memorialization on the Handke sites. However, I didn't know that a funny butch she-bear like you had suddenly become adverse to dirty jokes! What was it? Send it back! You might have alerted me at the time that you had become as prissy as you seem to have judging by some of the things that appear in the Weekly. Perhaps I'll spot you next in Mother Hubbard drag!

    Whatever bridge, potentially, that might have been built, its scaffolding came asunder with your having a "diabetes" attack at the prospect of sharing the stage with Carl Weber on the Heiner Mueller memorial that we organized at my initiative a decade ago, a reluctance that might also have overcome me if I had claimed to Verlag der Autoren [whom I represented in this country for several years, some of my closest friends going back to the not entirely unsuccessful 60s] to have the "exclusive" right to translate Quartet, while knowing full well that Carl Weber was Heiner's chief translator, and of the relationship between Weber and Mueller going back to the 50s; or your postponing that evening, which was to be held at Kazanian's then New City, so that "your" actors in "your" then non-exclusive translation could be located to perform at the memorial. Not that you would have known that the chance of Carl ever showing up were as slim as those of his mad wife letting poor Carl get out of town. But, anyhoo: so much for any real interest in Heiner Mueller. – - Yet what a new and risky profession as food and wine critic you have substituted for your prior literary one.

    But why then did I even bother to contact you ? – Well, even a dubious dog half way bright about Handke and Mueller, in these parts, I'll bear with them. But your duplicitous nature – Kurt who gave me the entire low down of the down low suggested that there were people in town who regarded you as evil [Misha Berson seems to have similar take on you] which then makes three of us – well, it asserted itself, as nature will.

    As to burning bridges that this town of a cultural charade does not even permit to be constructed: those were burnt by Sarah Nash Gates, after the six of us with me the lead dog tried to initiate a Handke festival, only to find out that Ms. Gates was then cutting me down from behind; hell, she could have put her own name on it for all that I cared; and also then by Steve, thrice faithless, on that occasion. So why not let free expression ring the bell. Falseness rules, and cries out to be called by its name.

    You voiced similar feelings about Brecht not only to me in person, but in a piece in the Weekly on that book that sought to hoist Brecht on the petard of his sexual proclivities. 90s socio-cultural correctness, with your proclivity for protecting the weaker sex, judging the mores of a Bohemian environment of Post World War I Germany... I guess Mother Hubbard was weaving her kerchief even then, meanwhile it has been starched into that of a true priss. Surpris, surpris... another unexpected human combination!

    Culture is a make-believe hereabouts, a charade. It can crumble as all that landfill will liquefy at the next big one. Faithlessness rules, even among the brotherhood. Mr. Beattie disappeared from view about the time that he went to ACT. What has happened to that fine director Burke Walker?

    The German department has an expert in Stifter, probably as unhappy as the subject of his expertise, though whether he seeks to wash cirrhosis of the liver with kegs of wine and beer as Stifter did I do not know. What I do know is that he is "not interested" in the living re-incarnation in the prose of Handke; ditto for the local Goethe expert who - since it is more enriching to be anchored and draw on Goethe one's life long, however is at least of a far more generous spiritual disposition, though not very interested either I don't think. And then there is all that gibberish about "post modernism" and its relation with the past to which a few forest must have been felled to turn into wood pulp.

    ! Ezraishly yours,

    Michael R

    Thank you, Michael. The joke in question was about someone fucking an angel up the ass. I guess it was a joke. I couldn't see any other reason for it.
    Well, if I did I am totally appalled at myself and apologize. Can't recall, even knowing that visual memory in the monkey precedes the verbal. I know my sense of humor can be a bit weird. but buggering angels, is a no no. and i don't see the humor of that either. the occasional obstreperous shrew... but that was in another life and we know what she is now. i do recall sending you occasional links to matters that i thought might interest you since i have busy information flow and share all around....
    but in the event that someone - certainly it won't be me - sends you another poor angel or along the lines, i have just the shock medicine, and will pass it on shortly! also has great photo shop potential.
    cheer on harvest moon. m.r

  2. Dear Mikerol,
    I am sociologist. I am interested "affair Handke" as sociologist: sociocultural censorship mechanism...
    I have a feeling we going towards a one-world-thought.
    Compliment for your Blog.
    (Do you speak (read) Italian?)
    Carlo Gambescia

  3. CARLO, caro mio! i can read italian papers, i know/ latin, am good in french and spanish... so as long as you don't write in slang or try to be too hip i will understand.

    1] well, first of all there is the world wide psychosis of wanting simple answers. i.e. milo as the man who made it all happen, and then we can forget about it.

    2] in this lie the media participate, facilitate....

    3] i wrote extensively, after thinking and investigating, best as i could, about handke and his relationship to yugo slavia.
    what people don't seem to realize is that he will seize an opportunity like the funeral to have his say. i've known this
    since 1966, at princeton. he happens to be a truly great writer, with occasional seizures of over-/ueber/ grandiosity. and so all that really counts for me is THE PLAY, which, as you may have noticed, no one talks about!!

    4] well, there is the sociology of a half slovenian/ german, but austrian author; who is willing to defy also his slovenian compadres in his defense of his idea of a yugoslav federation.

    ask me more specific question.

    meanwhile: very glad to be in touch.

    michael roloff

  4. Dear Misha,
    I note among your recent pieces the absence of a memoralization of Richard Gilman, the foe of an illusionist theater. Perhaps you saw the one on the NY Times Obituary pages; a good one. Dick would have said more than "edgy" for what the once-upon "Empty Space" did during its first encampment. "Kaspar" merely edgy"? Meself thinks the "empty space" might have imploded about 15 years or so ago, when I first beheld its bloatedness in Fremont. Nothing short of a North Korean missile cum warhead will ever put Seattle back into the original in Hamburg in 1945. How many 100 Ks can you pour into an outfit that so long ago lost its way? And by way of the stint of a circus director from Kentucky? Not that Peter Brook has not lost his way too, by way of a visit to the money bags of Shah Pahlevi, but at least you can go to the Buffe du Nord and be mesmerized by some extraordinary actors in that grand ruin with memories of the amphi-theater spilling into its rink. From the Greek venues to the Roman lions den to the "empty space" of the Buffe du Nord... Meanwhile, since first look at what had become of the "empty space" 15 years ago I have made acquaintance with most of the members of its founding cast, and though they all have their points, as which pointer doesn't, they are all characterologically and therefore also artistically severely deficient. Thus theater in Seattle. Also you seem to leave out Downey, in many ways a miserable person, yet one of the few hereabouts... but then really is a food critic at heart.

    i tried contacting the last artistic director when she appared on the scene, since she expressed interest in linking up with the original E.S., and I suggested their finally doing Handke's PUBLIC INSULT, since the E.S. had never got around to it... the director had fallen ill...the director has been ill for a long time... and will never recover in seattle...

    Member Seattle Psychoanalytic Institute and Society


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